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We impart information with prospective clients to help them ascertain the timing and need for our services. Building relationships and providing first class service always comes before products.

When there´s a foundation for a relationship, there´s grounds laid for a life long partnership with your financial success as our top priority.

FUTURE. Have more protection and more benefits with the same deposits.


With our umbrella open, your plans work in good AND bad times.


How will your savings/estate survive in light of taxation?


Unique customized Financial plans for Successful individuals and Corporation.

Life Insurance

We take the complication out of life insurance products allowing the client to confidently choose what is right for them. Facilitating a strong understanding of the products allows the next step of creating solid plans for your financial future.

Critical Illness Protection

The risk of developing a critical illness or becoming disabled is real and the expense involved can ruin one´s finances. Have you ever considered the impact this could have on your family?

Bright Ideas

Although everyone in Ontario has access to the same products, it´s really the new ideas that put us on the extra mile. Our model takes the complication out of understanding what insurance can do for you. Once you understand the product and it´s possibilities, the rest is simple. Find out about our bright ideas that can help you and improve your plans.

Client Support

Simply put, our clients can expect a response from any inquiry within 6 business hours. As a unique part of our business model, we pride ourselves in maintaining strong relationships with our principal underwriters which translates to quick results

What our Clients Say

I have known Sean for 10 years, and can testify to his upstanding character. He will teach you about the necessary tools in order to make a sound decision for your financial future. He values long term relationships over closing deals.- Theresa, Mississauga, ON
I have been working with Sean Hurley for over 8 years. I have always found him to be 100% honest and forthcoming both with professional advice and a unique understanding of both my personal and professional situation and needs. I can highly recommend Sean as an honest and trustworthy financial services provider who puts the needs of his clients first and customizes solutions to meet both their short and long term family and financial goals.- Jeff, Toronto, ON
Sean is a highly qualified estate planner. He was respectful and consistent with his follow up. If it weren't for him caring about what he does, I would not be enjoying the benefits of his plan today. He developed a sound financial strategy and structure to mitigate risk and prepare for saving money tax effectively in future. I know that after meeting with Sean my Corporations and family's best interests have been served.- Vlad, Corporate business owner, Brampton, ON
I have had many people approach me about estate planning. I met with Sean because of his 3 years of consistent and courteous follow up. Am I ever glad I did. Our estate (personal and corporate holdings) stands to save hundreds of thousands of dollars because of our solid plans. Sean's dedication to his profession and his clients is stalwart. Any amount of time with him will be very well spent.- James, Bolton, ON