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Disability & Creditor Protection For Your Savings

Canada is not like the USA in the sense that people aren´t suing each other for everything that happens to them. (YET) It still is important to make best use of each dollar. In Canada there are very few ways for individuals to benefit from having creditor protection on a portion of their current net worth. This protection is definitively something that you should have on a portion of your savings.

Protecting Your Savings Deposits Against Disability

Another scenario: you got a disability and savings plan from us. You unfortunately become permanently disabled and are concerned about the continuation of your savings plan. Everyone else so far has told you “sorry about your misfortune, be we cannot continue to make deposits into your fund/stock”.

The next call is to us where we say, “not to worry, when you began your tax effective savings plan, we asked you if you saw value in insuring your continued deposits against permanent disability and you said yes! I bet you´re pleased to know that the planned deposits into you plan will be deposited on your behalf until the age of 60!”