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Tax Effective Saving offers a holistic approach to decrease risk through effective, unique customized plans that utilize savings and investment strategies.

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We impart information with prospective clients to help them ascertain the timing and need for our services. Building relationships and providing first class service always comes before products.

When there´s a foundation for a relationship,
there´s grounds laid for a life long partnership
with your financial success as our top priority.


“Assisting our clients in preparing for a long successful life both personally and in business.”

Sean Hurley

CEO & Founder, Tax Effective Saving

Sean’s career in the Financial Industry spans over a decade and is centered around the core philosophy that Financial Security is simple. Sean advocates the need to ensure your money can grow safely while being protected from all of life’s risks.

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Hi, I’m Sean Hurley. Most people write dry and succinct biographies about themselves because it’s all business right? Well it’s also about who I am and whether or not you’d want to do business with me.

I come from an entrepreneurial family. My father was born before the depression and therefor remembers people going through his garbage at St Clair and Bathurst between 1929 and World War II. Not only that, he was dyslexic and it went undiagnosed until he was an adult. He learned through many failures that perseverance is what pays dividends. This is one of the tenants of my professions philosophy. To persevere one need’s many skills, all of which I work on daily.

My background is as one of 6 children. I studied music and education at university. While always performing, recording and writing music, I also worked on developing businesses in the area of marketing, ESL education, Energy marketing, and now Financial Security. During my time marketing my ESL summer school in Spain, I began performing my own music as a trio and a solo artist throughout the northern half of the country. This is where I met my wife of now 15 years.

My family consists of my wife Monica who is from Spain (married in 2002) and our 4 children; Maria, Sara, Monica and David. We speak French and Spanish at home. My children are all trilingual.

I began working the the Financial – Insurance industry in 2006. My philosophy in Financial Security is simple. Make sure that money can grow safely, while benefiting from protections from the risks in life. I build relationships with patience and fortitude. One of my mottos is that I never want to be the one who drops the ball. I will always serve my clients to the best of my ability. I exclusively work with a custom solutions frame of mind thus ensuring that each client gets a fresh look, and the right plan.

I look forward to serving you and your most cherished priorities in life. This is my vocation and I ensure that it remains at the centre of my plan for each and every client.

Graham Dunn

President, Oakville Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Graham is a valued partner in the Canadian insurance industry and has been president of Oakville Insurance Brokers for over 10 years. Graham specializes in General Insurance, Risk Management and Liabilities.

John Bovos

Partner, Akler Browning Frimet & Landzberg LLP

John is a valued partner in the Canadian accounting industry and has been a partner of Partner, Akler Browning Frimet & Landzberg LLP for over 12 years. John specializes in accounting and accounting related services.