Estate Planning

UNPREPARED. Overlooking your estate could be your most expensive mistake.

It is surprising how many Canadian professionals (corporate business owners and T4 earners) are under-prepared for the transfer of their estate. This can happen 40 years from today, or 40 days from today. No one knows.

In many cases, this can lead to a large erosion of the value of one’s estate due to poor or non-existent estate planning. Inefficient and/or insufficient estate planning is just lazy waste.

Estate Design

The design of one’s estate is the decisive instrument giving the last wishes to future generations about your lifetime of hard earned results. Hopefully this is to be with the least amount of waste due to inefficiency and poor planning.

Wealth Transfer

In working with top professionals from the accounting and legal fields, we assist our clients in creating a meaningful legacy (regardless of lifespan) both personally and in business. Given our knowledge of the preferential laws regarding taxation in Canada, our clients benefit from estate plans with maximum efficiency and minimal waste.

This results in the greatest wealth transferring to the next generation. There is no better way to assure an estate for the next generation. Estate continuation should be a high priority. When most people are faced with these realities knocking at their door, it’s almost always too late!